16 mm / 1:1.33 / black & white & colour / mono / 70 min.
produced 1985
released 1986

Produced & distributed by

Nicolas Humbert Filmproduction
Aventinstrasse 1
D-80469 München

e-mail: nicolashumbert@aol.com

Written and directed by
Nicolas Humbert

Camera and sound
Nicolas Humbert

Gisela Castronari

Aram Gulezyan, Fred Frith

Artistic cooperation
Isabella Obermaier

January 1986, Filmtage Solothurn, Switzerland

Public Prize, Filmfest München, 1986


In the film "Wolfsgrub" Nicolas Humbert is on the trail of his own history.
Wolfsgrub is the name of the house, or rather the hamlet, where his mother
lives. A woman getting on in years, she becomes as young as her son asking
the questions when she speaks. She tells about her childhood and youth in a
Germany filled with spreading Nazism, and about her father, the Jewish writer
Max Mohr, who left his family and exiled to Shanghai, where he died in 1937.
Nicolas Humbert allows his mother the space and time to tell her story,
portraying her everyday life with the use of concentrated images. From the
bits and peaces and narrative fragments emerges the portrait of a free-thinking